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Jordan Spieth Family Foundation 2021 Community Partners

We are thrilled to announce this year’s 2021 JSFF Community Partners. It is truly our honor to come alongside these committed organizations making meaningful impact within four mission pillars that are near and dear to the heart of JSFF.

Please enjoy learning a bit more about the projects and missions JSFF is supporting this year by reading the summaries written firsthand by our community partners!


Best Buddies International
Funding from the Jordan Spieth Family Foundation enables us to open five new friendship chapters in North Texas. These chapters will promote one-to-one friendship opportunities between individuals with and without developmental disabilities; develop leadership skills in students with and without IDD so that they can lead the integration and inclusion movement; transform attitudes regarding the needs and abilities of people with developmental disabilities; develop social skills in people with disabilities that will aid in their employment, independence and integration.


Bryan’s House
Bryan's House provides programming that addresses the unique medical, health, and educational barriers of at-risk children with special needs as well as the comprehensive needs of their families. Through our onsite Child Development Program, we offer three KEY initiatives to support children with special needs. The onsite Early Childhood Education programs early childhood education for children birth to age five in a medically-managed environment. Our Summer Program provides an 11-week program for children ages 6-14. The summer program offers much-needed stability for children with special needs benefit the summer program's structure and peer interaction. Finally, Bryan's House offers Respite Care to ease the burden of family caregiving, relieving stress, restoring energy, and promoting balance in life.


FIRE Foundation
FIRE lights the way so children with special needs can learn and grow side-by-side with typical peers at Catholic schools. FIRE is an independent 501c3 organization that advocates for inclusion of students with intellectual disabilities in their parish schools AND provides resources (funding for educators, technology and materials, and professional development) that promote students’ academic, social and spiritual growth.

fire foundation

Home Place of Texas


The funding from JSFF will purchase a set of 45 iPads and 45 Apple pencils to utilize in whole group instruction. The ability to have our entire group on iPads at the same time would be a huge game changer for our daily curriculum. We would be able to use it in a variety of modalities such as music exploration, art, interactive group games, Osmo games, improving basic technology knowledge, typing games, eliminating paper workbooks and replacing with digital ones and overall basic work on fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.The Huckleberry Foundation
The Huckleberry Foundation, through Huck Helps, provides aid to families with special needs children. Some examples of the assistance for medically prescribed services or equipment we provide include behavioral therapy, speech therapy, neurological screenings, and safety devices. Without assistance, families raising children with special needs are facing an uphill climb they will never summit – their medical debt often far outweighs their income. Effective therapeutic interventions and life-altering assistive technology are the paths that provide a chance at a full and life for children with special needs. These interventions, devices, and programming opportunities are expensive and often not covered by insurance, so these families are at a major disadvantage. Huck Helps is very simple. Therapists, medical professionals, or parents apply for a specific therapy. After review, if they meet our qualifications, we pay a therapist or provider directly or order the device they are requesting.


Hugs Café, Inc.
The funds from JSFF will support our hybrid program, Hugs Café’s Helping Hands. Members of our community are currently going without nutritious meals while restaurants are unable to operate at full capacity. We will address both of these issues with our solution- weekly meals for those in need, made by our Hugs Cafe teammates. We will provide 1,500 meals to persons in need as well as hours of meaningful employment for Hugs Cafe teammates. Team members with underlying health conditions who are not able to return to work yet will write notes of encouragement from home to include in each meal.


It’s a Sensory World! Inc
This grant will fund the costs of a Sensory Bus, which will be a mobile version of our Sensory Gym. Appropriate sensory stimuli help children stay organized and regulated which can help with improvements in communication, attention, learning, and behavior. The sensory bus would enable us to bring this intervention to hundreds of families who do not have access to such a resource due to location, resources, or finances. We could also take it to children who are homebound due to COVID and be stationed at busy events where children are in need of such regulation.


Notre Dame School
The Jordan Spieth Family Foundation is providing financial aid support for the neediest families at Notre Dame School. This school year, 63 of the 135 families enrolled at NDS qualified for assistance - 47% of the total. These families could not keep their students with special needs at the school without this support.


Special Olympics International
With support from the Jordan Spieth Family Foundation, Special Olympics will expand the Young Athletes program by creating new digital resources and tools that engage children and families through at home early interventions and developing innovative approaches to enable families of children with ID to more easily connect, learn and build friendships virtually. This work will support children with ID and their families through the COVID-19 pandemic by providing regular access to physical activity and support during a time when many children are out of school and missing regular therapies.


The Ashford Rise School of Dallas
The Ashford Rise School of Dallas provides the highest quality of early education services to children ages six months to six years with and without disabilities in an inclusive environment. Rise delivers comprehensive education, intervention and therapy to our students during their formative years. The JSFF grant will go towards general operating expenses for Rise. These expenses include, but are not limited to, financial aid, therapist salaries, and learning enhancements.



American Junior Golf Association
The AJGA uses 3 distinct programs to support its foundation. The ACE Grant served 217 juniors in 2020 with almost $400,000 reimbursed to cover golf related expenses. The funding from JSFF will support our ACE Grant program.


Behind Every Door
We are purchasing the Cedar Crest Community Center, a 50-year staple of the South Oak Cliff community in Dallas, Texas. This community center will fill a critical vacuum as the premier, and only, destination for supportive activities like sports and enrichment for a huge portion of South Oak Cliff. This will include a top-of-the-line golf simulator in the renovated community center and an intern who can operate a “front door” golf program on site. The simulator will leverage the allure of technology to attract kids: many may come to use the simulator for football or baseball (two sports the community is actively participating in) but get introduced to golf as a result. Then, an on-site intern will help foster this introduction to golf by providing further opportunities to participate on our field. Ultimately, for those who enjoy the game and want to play more, this intern can be a trusted ally to transport/connect people to the nearby Cedar Crest golf course and First Tee programs.


First Tee – Greater Austin
This is the organization’s first capital campaign, and we are excited about the opportunities that it will create. We are currently operating out of a trailer and do not have any indoor facilities for our students. Our 3,000 sq. ft. pavilion provides shade and serves as a temporary shelter, but not the ideal place to ride out a thunderstorm or work on Algebra homework. Our goal for the building is to; offer more to the students we have, grow the program and help increase our self-sufficiency by offering corporate or private events while the kids are in-school. JSFF funding will support the building of our first permanent building.


I AM a Golfer Foundation
The I AM a Golfer Foundation utilizes its three pillars of I AM a Golfer, I AM an Intern, and I AM a Scholar to meaningfully impact the lives of young people in southern Dallas. With a focus on the I AM a Golfer pillar, the JSFF provides full funding for 100 young people to participate year-round in both the After-School and Open Enrollment offerings of the program. As a member of the foundation, participants receive mentorship, weekly group and/or private instruction, range balls and green fees at member pricing ($1), tournament and competitive playing opportunities, and equipment and supplies as needed. Thanks to JSFF young people who traditionally would not have had access or exposure to the game are receiving this opportunity to build skills, develop life-long friendships, and engage in opportunities uniquely afforded through the game of golf.


Northern Texas PGA Foundation
Founded in 1983, the nationally acclaimed Northern Texas PGA Junior Golf Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization, was rebranded in 2019 as the Northern Texas PGA Foundation.

The Junior Golf Foundation was established to promote and grow the game of golf to a diverse group of kids in North Texas and instill in them the positive, character developing traits for which the game is so well known. Each year close to 10,000 children and their families were impacted through the Junior Golf Foundation’s full circle of programs and services.

The Northern Texas PGA Foundation now reaches a greater audience through four additional pillars including, college scholarships, fellowships, inclusion and military and veterans.

Over the years, the mission of the Foundation has stayed the same - to positively impact lives and communities through golf.



Carson Leslie Foundation


It is an absolute joy to expand our signature Jordan Spieth Family Foundation sponsored Under Armour Backpacks to all the major institutions throughout Texas: MD Anderson, UT San Antonio, Dell Children's, Texas Children’s Medical City and of course Children's Dallas. These backpacks support our mission to encourage kids in the battle. Clayton Dabney for Kids with Cancer
Clayton Dabney for Kids with Cancer provides needy families, with children in the last stages of terminal cancer, assistance in creating everlasting memories by providing last wishes, gifts, special events, family travel and financial assistance with household expenses. Our assistance is arranged through the parents and is anonymous to the child. JSFF grant will support this program.


Cook Children's Health Foundation
Cook Children’s has started a comprehensive cellular therapy program for leukemia and solid tumors, including NK cell therapy and CAR T-cell therapy. In order to achieve improvements in CAR-T cell therapy and the requisite supportive care, we must participate in trials of novel CARs to create better outcomes for solid tumors and other hematologic malignancies in children, in addition to acute lymphoblastic leukemia. This work would help improve remission rates and overall survival outcomes among children receiving their therapy.

The anticipated cost of the CIT Program in year one is $1,204,535 which includes hiring staff, program development, and data analysis of the treatments. The program anticipates treating at least 55 patients in the first 5 years through over 2,000 patient encounters. JSFF funding will support these efforts.


Dell Children’s Foundation
A child’s cancer diagnosis creates a negative ripple effect on a family. No family is ever prepared to set forth on a journey that affects family dynamics, friendships, careers, and a child’s ability to learn, think, and behave -- to say nothing of the negative financial impact. This grant support means that children and their families will receive an extra layer of psychosocial support from a team of Child Life Specialists, a School Liaison, and a Social Worker who help to sustain children and families as they adjust to a new normal and become survivors.


Heroes for Children
1,800 children in Texas will be diagnosed with cancer this year. This diagnosis will touch each of their families differently, but all will be devastated. Many of them will lose their jobs, forced to choose between income and time spent by their child's bedside. There is a gap in the support offered to these families, leaving them unable to pay their rent and spend what might be fleeting moments with their sick children. Our Financial Assistance Program is accomplished through a collaborative approach with our hospital partners, where social workers at major pediatric hospitals throughout the state communicate the immediate needs of the patients and their families. HFC responds immediately, sending funds within seven days.



Armed Services YMCA
This grant helps provide vital funding for two important programs that target military kids in the state of Texas. Operation Hero and Operation Camp programs helps military children reach their individual potential to overcome the stressors of military life, which can put these children at a disadvantage. Operation Hero helps close the academic divide faced by military children, who sometimes fall behind their peers due to challenges caused by frequent deployments, disruption of living circumstances, and the risk of physical and emotional harm to their parents during their time of service. Operation Camp fosters healthy life skills and a community of peers who will form life-long memories and friendships. Ultimately, both programs create a sense of wellbeing and improved self-esteem among the children of junior enlisted service members.

Boot Campaign
Boot Campaign’s Santa Boots Program, first introduced in 2015, has made a difference for more than 350 military families (over 1600 individuals), providing a joy-filled Christmas for active duty, veteran families, and those who have been injured, wounded, or ill. Families in financial need as well as military families who just need a little extra love and gratitude during the holiday season are served through these efforts. This program drives patriotism and engages the community in helping meet service members’ needs, striving to make the Christmas season brighter by delivering specially curated gift boxes to veteran and active duty military families.


In 2012, Equest started our Hooves for Heroes program, serving U.S. veterans and their family members‚ at no cost‚ with traditional therapeutic programs and mental health counseling. The primary goal of the Hooves for Heroes program is to move participants toward an improved state of wellness, improved functioning, and greater independence in order to increase the likelihood of successful civilian reintegration into their families and communities. Participants require tailored interventions to achieve this goal through Equest's core programs: Therapeutic Horsemanship, Occupational/Physical Therapy, and Equine Facilitated Counseling. The program results in improved quality of life, the accomplishment of individual goals, and a reduction in PTS symptoms for veterans. Equest provides the treatment team including mental health professionals, equine specialists, certified instructors, volunteers and horses.


Freedom Alliance
The Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund provides undergraduate college scholarships to the sons and daughters of military heroes who have been killed or critically injured on active duty or a training mission. Each scholarship is paid directly to the student’s university, college or vocational school to help offset the high cost of education. The funds may be used for tuition and fees, books, supplies, housing, meal plans, transportation, and/or other qualified expenses. Each scholarship serves as a reminder to the student that their parents’ sacrifice will never be forgotten by a grateful nation. This year, in continued partnership with the Jordan Spieth Family Foundation, scholarships will be provided to Gold Star students attending schools in Texas.


Our Military Kids


Our Military Kids seeks to honor the sacrifices that military children make while a parent is deployed overseas in service to the country and support those children by minimizing the emotional, behavioral, health, and academic difficulties these children face during deployment. The grants reinforce the positive aspects of deployments such as resilience, self-sufficiency, and strengthening of family ties. Due to the generosity of the Jordan Spieth Family Foundation, OMK will provide 50 military children with grants for extra-curricular activities of their choice. We serve a large but underserved segment of our military population’s children of the U.S. military’s Selected Reserve as well as children of Severely Injured service members.Warriors & Quiet Waters Foundation
Thanks to the Jordan Spieth Family Foundation, Warriors & Quiet Waters Foundation (WQW) will host the Family Fishing Experience, WQW's first therapeutic recreational fly-fishing program designed to serve the family unit of post-9/11 combat veterans. Recent literature identifies the following as some of the most critical challenges and needs facing military and veteran families: lack of community support, feelings of isolation, physical and/or emotional strain, difficulty communicating, and building children’s trust of and connection with non-veteran children. The Family Fishing Experience will provide respite for the entire family in a safe, supportive environment; enable families to continue fishing upon returning home; create an enhanced sense of community and improve intra-family communication.