2015 John Deere Classic: Round 1

2015 John Deere Classic

Jordan Spieth's Reaction to His Opening Round at John Deere

Q. Just get us started by talking about your day today.
Just a little rusty. Yeah, just a rusty round. My first round of 18 holes since the U.S. Open was yesterday, and you know, I certainly saw a lot of rust yesterday, and this was actually a slight improvement today. Just looking to get a little better each day. I'm going to have to do a little better than 2 for 7 on up-and-downs in order to play the weekend. A little disappointing, but at the same time, you know, I didn't put in the same preparation yet as I have.

Q. Do you think some of the rust comes from all the hype coming into this tournament and looking ahead and just everything that goes along with all this?
No, rust comes from just not hitting balls, not playing. I mean, I took a week off, didn't touch a club. Don't do that very often in the summertime. I came back and I worked really hard with my instructor tee to green and putting, but it was all range work, and I had a lot of -- I mean, I didn't get out on the golf course like I maybe should have and tested it out on the course, and so my on-course reps started yesterday here in preparation for this week and for the Open. You know, it was obviously a disappointing round, but I should have gotten out on the golf course a little more than hitting balls on the range, just haven't carried it over yet.

Q. Can you draw on what you did at Hilton Head between rounds 1 and 2 after coming off the Masters like that?
I can draw on a lot of solid rounds. I just need to play decent golf tomorrow. I need to put the ball in a little better position off the tee and I need to chip the ball a little better. My up-and-downs out here, given that they really weren't very challenging other than the one on No. 8, I really should have gotten the rest of them up-and-down, and I typically do. I lost five shots on those. Otherwise I'm sitting here at 5-under. That's really what it comes down to when I look back at the round. I had some putts -- I had some pretty bad lip-outs, and that's going to happen. I'm still going to continue to hit good putts. If they drop and I can chip the ball a little bit better, then I'll be in good position tomorrow.