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Under Armour

The Spieth 4: Built, Tested and Designed for the Majors

At 16, when he tied for 16th in his first PGA Tour, Jordan Spieth was only just beginning to build his legacy. At 20, he tasted victory for the first time on the PGA Tour, a year later at 21 he won the Masters and the U.S. Open, then at 23, he won the Open Championship. Few players have made such a major impact on the sport in such little time and at such a young age. That’s why when Jordan turned to Under Armour to create the Spieth 4 GTX, the design team harnessed data and insights to create our most scientifically driven golf shoe to-date to help him be even better than before.

Nothing is more vital to a golfer’s swing than traction and torque. Using a data-driven approach, J.J. Rivet, a leader in biomechanics at the European Tour Performance Institute, analyzed scientific insights into traction and its relationship with torque and rotation of a golf swing, and directly incorporated his findings into the design of the Spieth 4.

Focus is the single greatest difference-maker on the course. The Spieth 4 GTX provides me with the comfort and support I need to hone in on my game and make the most of every shot. Jordan Spieth

It all starts with foot stabilization and ground contact that form the foundation of an effective golf swing and with Under Armour's patent-pending traction technology in the shoe, golfers are now able to get more power and accuracy out of each shot.

"Given the importance of power in a golfer’s swing, we wanted traction to be a focal point for the Spieth 4 GTX. Through our insights and testing, we were able to engineer a golf shoe that extends force and power to a golfer’s shot beginning with traction from the ground up," said J.J. Rivet, Head of Biomechanics & Sport Performance at the European Tour Performance Institute. In addition to its lightweight design, the Spieth 4 GTX drives targeted shots further by focusing in on stability and structural support from the ground up.

Jordan worked with Under Armour’s research team to construct a shoe that not only meets the needs of every golfer, but yields them an opportunity to boost their game to the next level.